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Still The Same
Oh Carolina
Still The Same






Lions In The Street
Cat Got Your Tongue EP

Already Gone

Why you never tell me to come around anymore?
Now you wanna shelf me and push me outta your door.
But I'm already gone

Why you always sell me your worn-out tales and your charms?
How you gonna help me, I never did you no harm
But I'm already gone.
Well you won't
Cause I'm already gone.

All you gotta do
Is try to tow the line
All you gotta do
Is not be wrong

All you wanna say
Is me, myself, and mine
For all you gotta say
You don't hear me out
You won't be around
You'll never get me to play this game anymore.

© Copyright 2006 (C. Kinnon)

Lady Blue

Lady Blue, where are you?
All we needed was a day.

Left in Autumn, said I'd see you often.
I never bothered to say:

"Come around if you're back my way."
I'll see you again if you know my name.
But it's all in vain.

Lady Blue, what can I do?
There was reason for you to stay.

Thought I saw you, but your looks have softened.
There's no season that doesn't change.

Come around if you're back my way.
I'll see you again if you know my name.
But it's all in vain.

All you said you wanted was some time alone.
All you said you needed was a minute
All I ever had to give you was a feeling.
But you left me waiting
Now it's all in vain.

© Copyright 2006 (S. Casey, C. Kinnon) 

Mine Ain't Yours

It’s your Last chance to reign
Till you fall down on your knees.
That isn’t how you make it.
Mine ain’t yours for taking.

Now you’re to blame
For what’s going on with me, you know.
You’re life’s what you’ve made it.
Mine ain’t yours for taking.

You never have to make it right
But how long can you be wrong.
And don’t try to sing the same old song.
You’re never tired of making fights,
Tell me how long till you’re gone.
You never try to see eye to eye.
You’re always looking for a place to hide.

That isn’t how you make it.
Mine ain’t yours for taking.

© Copyright 2006 (C. Kinnon)

Feels Like A Long Time

Last chance to catch that train,
Calling in the night.
Thought that it was here to stay—
Didn’t read the signs.

Seems like only yesterday,
I saw you in the light.
I thought you’d never go away,
But you left me on thin ice.

When the rain gets too hard to take,
You know I get down.
And Now and then I get a hollow pang,
And then you’re around.
But I felt you slip away,
And now it feels like a long time.
It feels like a long time.

Rolling like a hurricane,
There but out of sight.
Saw you on the road today—
Could’ve been my eyes.

Waiting here alone again
Is taking up my life
Thought that you were here to stay—
Left me here to die.

I’m Tired and lonely, nowhere to go,
You’ve been away for most of my life.
Won’t you see me, and why don’t you need me?
Why don’t you tell me the reason why?
Can’t you call me, can’t you hear me,
I know if you’re listening it will be all right.

© Copyright 2006 (C. Kinnon)

You're Gonna Lose

You’re gonna lose, if you take it head-on
You’re gonna lose, if you take it on at all,
If you don’t know what I’m saying,
You better not show your hand.

If I was you, I would make my way back home.
If I was you, I would cut it and I’d run.
If you were all that you’re saying,
Then you’re a confidence man.
If you’re gonna say you wanna tear me apart
Then I gotta say you’re gonna lose,
If you wanna say you’re gonna tear out my heart
Then I’m gonna play ya,
Then I gotta say you’re gonna lose.

If I was wrong, then my heart goes out to you,
If I was wrong, you’ll just have to lick your wounds.
If you were strong, you could take it,
But you’re a cold-footed man.

You’re gonna fall, and whatcha gonna do?
You’re gonna crawl, when they come back for you
If you know what I’m saying,
You’re not a confidence man.

© Copyright 2006 (S. Casey, C. Kinnon)

All Lyrics  © Copyright 2006  (A. Kinnon, C. Kinnon)